How To Read A Book ?!

When we are kids, a lot of us doesn’t have family that encourages reading. So when we go to study we are always bored and thinking of high marks only and didn’t care about understanding the subject.

Boy studying

Reading is important in our life, with reading we can gain knowledge and success. Many of us(including me :D) doesn’t read in a regular way, Sometimes we read a hole book in a small time .. and other times we don’t read for several months maybe years :(. We need to change our life in this point, We need to care more about Reading … We need to make “Reading A Way Of Life” — “القراءة منهج حياة“.

Today, I am going to talk about How To Read A Book ?! and Can We Really Have A Time For Reading In Our Busy Life ?!

Steps To Read A Book :-

  1. Divide the book to sections or chapters.
  2. When you read, you need to stabilize yourself. (Make yourself comfortable :))
  3. Read the book chapter by chapter or section by section.
  4. Make thing that you want to read portable (Like to have a hard copy of the book, or have it on your own phone or tablet) to read it when you have some free time.
  5. Pay attention to what you read and get rid of distractions “الملهيات” like (phone, TV, Music, … etc).
  6. Get a pencil on your hand while reading to take notes.
  7. Don’t judge a book from the first 1 or 2 chapters (because in most of books they are introduction).
  8. Use your time efficiently, and read in any small chunks of time (Like when you are waiting someone, or in the transportation or anything else).

We need also to implant the love of Reading in children’s life .. If they are used to read, They will never have our problem with reading and maybe they become a great researchers or scientists 😀


By the end of this topic, I will let you watch a great video about How To Read A Book That You Don’t Want To Read It …


Interview Questions & Puzzles

Today, I want to share with all of you my little experience in Interview Questions for Software Engineer position .. and also some interesting puzzles.

Let’s start with questions


  • What’s the 4 major OOP Principles ?! and What’s the definition of each one of them ?!
  • What’s class ?! and What’s the difference between it and object ?!
  • What’s abstract class ?! and What’s the difference between it and interface ?!
  • What’s final variable, final method, and final class ?!
  • What’s overloading, and overriding ?! and What’s the difference between them ?!
  • What’s types of access modifiers ?! and What’s the difference between them ?!
  • To prevent class from being inherited what keyword we use in C#, and in Java ?! and Why we may do that ?!
  • What’s the difference between Vector and ArrayList in Java ?!
  • What’s serialization in Java ?! and What is its usage ?!
  • What’s managed and unmanaged code in C# ?!
  • What’s checked and unchecked exceptions in Java ?!
  • What’s reusability ?!
  • Why SQL cursors are slow ?!
  • Does C# or Java supports multiple inheritance ?!
  • Why C# or Java doesn’t support multiple inheritance ?!
  • Why we can’t initiate object from abstract class ?!
  • What’s index in SQL ?!
  • What’s indexers in C# ?!
  • Why garbage collection is important ?! and How GC knows that we don’t need that variable any more ?!
  • I have a SQL table with two columns one called empID and the other called managerID, and i want to get all the managers for this employee. How ?! (Hint: use recursion in SQL)

Now it is the time for puzzles 🙂


  • What’s the angle between hour hand “عقرب الساعات”, minute hand “عقرب الدقائق” when it is 3:15 PM ?!
  • I have two non-homogeneous ropes, and each one of them needs 1 hr to be burned .. How can i calculate using those two ropes 45 minutes ?!
  • A man has 2 childrens one of them was girl, What’s the probability that the second one is girl ?! ( Hint: it is not 1/2 😀 )
  • I have a customer class that contains the customer age and name .. and I have the following code .. And this code throws exception what is it ?! and Why it throw that exception ?!


  • Will the following code throw exception ?! if yes, then When ?!sum
  • I have an array that contains 11 integer number .. and the range of number in this array is from 1 to 10, there is only one number repeated and i want to know which number ?! (Don’t use the systematic way by taking the first number and comparing it to other elements and so on, because i want the solution in O(N) 😛 )
  • I have N elements sorted array of integers, and i want to know if there are summation of two numbers = 1200 How ?! (Also here i don’t want the systematic way)
  • I have a linked list with odd number of nodes, and i want to get the middle of this list without knowing its length. How ?!
  • How to swap 2 numbers without using temp variable ?!
  • How to swap 2 numbers using pointers and without using temp ?!
  • I have 9 balls, and one ball is heavier than the others, and i have somthing to weight with but we are allowed to use it only twice. How can we know the ball of different weight ?!

If anyone has any other interview experience .. Share it here with us 🙂

Are You Optimistic Person ?

Today, after setting with some people … I found how much i’m rich .. I have things that doesn’t exist in others life, I have FAITH, HOPE, and OPTIMISM

Yeah, sure i consider myself as the richest person in the world. Do you know what that means if you are hopeless ?! it means that you really don’t know your GOAL and don’t search for it !! 😦

The other people consider me that i am a mad girl, because i always say “I love being a Software Engineer, I love coding and it flows in my veins” … I believe in Allah, Then myself “Allah Will Guide Me In The Right Way, I TRUST Him”.

What’s the difference between us and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg ?! (Who is now not having a Facebook account ?)


What’s the difference between us and Mr. Bill Gates ?! (How much users have Microsoft products today ?)


What’s the difference between us and Mr. Steve Jobs ?! (How much users have Apple products today ?)


Actually there is a big difference between THEM and US.

Even Mr. Mark or Mr. Bill, or Mr. Steve not only has a creative idea, but also he has a self-confidence, passion and a belief that he can do it .. and “Yes He Did It” 😀 .. all of them considered as a successful persons. And our world have a lot of other successful persons too.

Why not to be one of them ?! Why we just lose hope and give up ?!

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 1,000 ways that won’t work”  Thomas Edison

He tried 1,000 times until he created the light bulb .. How much we try to give up ?

I consider that as a SHAME on us, We always have excuses for giving up !!

We need to decide with ourselves that we need to change, that we need to always try and work hard .. and no way for giving up. Let us make our REMARKABLE mark in our world. Let us IMPRESS the world with our EFFECTS, and let our skills SHINE. 🙂

“Believe in Allah, Allah will show us the RIGHT WAY .. and never lose FAITH and HOPE

And don’t forget Keep Moving Forward ^_^