Now I am 22

mmm … Today 14 – 8 – 2013, I am 22 years old .. Yes I hear some people over there say Happy Birthday To You, But no I am not writing this post for celebrating with my Birthday.

I have some weird thoughts, Why people celebrate with their Birthday even they know that another year passes from their life Which means your life on earth decreases by one year .. And that is not a happy thing to celebrate with !!

There is a hidden conversation between Me and Myself .. I am asking Myself >_>

1) What do you spend your life in ?

2) What do you spend your youth in ?

3) What do you spend your money in ?

4) Do you increase your knowledge in Religion and Science ?

5) Are you Useful for someone ? Helpful for someone ?

6) What do you offer for your Religion ?

7) What do you offer for helping your country and your Islamic Ummah ?

8) Do you know that Allah is keeping an eye “يراقب” on you in all your actions ?

9) What is the changes that you want to make in your life ? and in others life ?

10) What books you plan to read ?

11) When you will improve your behaviours and morals to gain Allah’s Satisfaction and Mercy ?

12) Will you be an effective human ? Will you participate in any charity organization (Resala, Life Makers, … etc.)

A lot of other questions in my mind for you ‘Myself’ .. Because I know that

نفسك إن لم تشغلها بالحق شغلتك بالباطل — ابن تيمية

So the last thing I want to say to Myself .. ” I hope to see you better in all life sides in the next years 🙂 and don’t forget there is another year that passes from your life, you are growing and life doesn’t wait for anyone and always remember Allah is watching you, Keep Moving Forward To Your Goals 😀 ”