Chapter 4

In this chapter we talk about :-

This chapter is all about making sure that your software works in a real-world context.
Analysis: is figuring out potential problems, and then solving those problems before you release your application
out into real world.

In this chapter he talk about some notes in Class Diagram let’s see it … 🙂

1) Delegation helps our applications stay loosely coupled.That means that your objects are independent
of each other.

2) The nouns in a use case are usually the classes you need to write.
3) The verbs in your use case are usually the methods of the objects.

4) Think about how the classes you do have can support the behavior your use case descripe.
5) Pay attention to the nouns in your use case, even when they aren’t classes in your system.
6) Write your use cases in a way that makes sense to you, your boss, and your customers.

7) Association: means that one class is associated with another class by refrence,extension,inheritance,…etc
8) There are some important key words:-

Finally the source code for Modified Dog Door System that he talk about it in this chapter you can find it Here. I implement it in C#.


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