Android Developer Path

Udacity has launched an Android Developer Path Guide. If you are newbie or have some experience with Android, take a look to that map to know the skills that you lack.

There are 3 levels in Udacity for Android developers:

  1. Beginner
    1. Android Basics: User Interface
    2. User Input
    3. Multi-Screen Apps
    4. Networking
    5. Data Storage
  2. Intermediate
    1. Developing Android Apps
  3. Advanced
    1. Advanced Android App Development




Eric Demaine

He is a former child prodigy who entered college at the age of 12, finished his bachelor’s degree at 14 and his PhD at 20 years old.

Currently, Erik is 36 years old and is a computer science professor at MIT. You can find his lectures, books, papers and many more things on Erik Demaine.

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